Eye Protection

The use of laser light always requires an appropriate eye protection. Limmer Laser offers a full range of lightweight protection goggles, eye caps, etc. for maximum comfort.

Main Features

  • We adapt all eye protection to the specific laser product and guarantee high optical densities for your safety
  • All laser protection goggles are clearly labeled with the laser model and wavelength
  • Optimal protection and sight with our protection goggles during treatment
  • Our protection goggles are based on thorough research and innovation and assure highest levels of comfort at minimal weight
  • Our laser protection goggles are available in 2 versions: regular and spectacle-wearers edition
  • CE, EN207 and ANSI Z136.1 certified
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Medical Applications

All medical applications related to the
application of laser energy.

Available Configurations

  • Laser Protection Goggles
    Available for all major wavelengths and laser systems.
  • Laser Protection Goggles (Basket Version)
    Available for all major wavelengths and laser systems.
  • Eyeball Protectors
    Reusable, for patient eye protection.
  • Eye Stickers
    Single-use, for patient eye protection.

Main Accessories

  • Protective cases
  • Cleaning towels

Technical Specifications

Please ask our Customer Care for a detailed description of the specifications of the eye protection you are interested in.

Technical changes reserved.