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High Power Laser DIOLAS LFD 3000

DIOLAS LFD 3000 is a powerful laser system equipped with the unique LFD (Levelled Field Density) Mode which effectively reduces collateral damages on soft tissue to only 1 mm, compared to 9 - 11 mm with standard coagulation lasers.

Medical studies have shown that this controlled coagulation significantly reduces post-operative complications such as swelling, inflammation or organ dysfunction.

This powerful laser device is the perfect interdisciplinary tool for surgeons in most medical fields that require high cutting or ablative precision at tissue without sacrificing a good and constant coagulation.


Main Features

  • World's first high-power laser with LFD (Levelled Field Density) Mode which limits coagulation to 1 mm for clearly reduced collateral damage
  • Large 10,4 " True Color Touch Panel for easy and intuitive use
  • Low noise level and highly mobile by large castor wheels
  • Eye-safe laser light, no need for extra camera filters
  • Strongly recommended for interdisciplinary use with an extended range of accessories



Medical Applications


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Brochure DIOLAS LFD 3000

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Main Accessories


Available Configurations

  • DIOLAS LFD 3000
    Enabled for both soft tissue treatment and stone destruction
  • DIOLAS LFD 3000 T
    Enabled for soft tissue treatment

Technical Specifications

Laser type Semiconductor-based Laser module with LFD mode
Operating modes & power at tissue
  • LFD Mode
  • Continuous Wave
  • Pulsed Mode (milliseconds or microseconds range)
  • Lithotripsy Mode *

Output power freely adjustable between 1 - 100 Watt

Activation profiles
  • Continuous
  • Pulse repetition
User interaction
  • True Color Touch Panel 10,4 Inches (26,4 cm) with brilliant colors
  • Adjustable audio output on emission and ready / standby
  • USB Port for output of treatment protocols
  • Output power can be controlled by footswitch in 5 Watt steps
  • Integrated treatment protocol with USB export and individual patient ID
Beam delivery Various types of flexible fiber probes
Pilot beam red (635 nm), < 3 mW, adjustable
Integrated ports
  • USB port
  • Control of external smoke evacuator VACULAS
  • Warning lamp system
Memory for user programs Storage for up to 9 individual operating parameters
Cooling Internal
230 V (10 A) / 110 V (16 A), 50 / 60 Hz, single-phase
Dimensions & weight 50 x 100 x 95 cm (W x H x D), 102 kg

* depending on device model & configuration

Technical changes reserved.


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